Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of today’s tragic and senseless shootings in Aurora Colorodo

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A terrible loss was suffered today in the world of Hard Rock music. Today Jon Lord, Deep Purple’s co-founder and original keyboard player, passed away after a multi year battle with Pancreatic cancer.
He will be greatly missed and always remembered.

Jorn…Jorn….who the Hell is Jorn?

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What a great job this man did along with Glen Hughes singing in the place of Ronnie James Dio on a warm July evening in Voctoria Park 2010… A terrific tribute to the man (Dio) who tried so hard to recover and make this his first gig after undergoing treatment. Unfortunatly Ronnie was defeated by a Dragon too big for even him to slay …… Cancer! NM

Jorn, singing for Dio at Voctoria Park London with Heaven in Hell … July 2010

Who is today’s “Voice of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal?

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I always wondered what Black Sabbath or Heaven and Hell would sound like with Chris Cornell fronting the band? Is it only me or are there others amongst you that believe Chris has yet to reach his full potential as a Metal Vocalist?

Another  impressive relative newcomer, in this authors  opinion, is Brent Smith of Shinedown. There just aren ‘t enough bands out there  that can  evoke the dark passion and power of metal while accompanied by a talented, multifaceted  vocalist. Brent Smith and Chris Cornell have this kind of potential.

Ronnie chose Metal, or it chose him? Who will metal choose next?

What is your opinion?



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December 15 1972, the day that changed my  life many more ways then I would know.  I was in New York city  a few weeks earlier shopping for albums when i looked up at the marquis of , what was then, the  Academy of Music on 14 th street. It read: December 15 th Uriah Heep with special guest Manfred Mann.  I looked at my buddy Joe and said, “what do you think, shall we go” ?  We bought  2 tix!

What neither of us expected was that we were going to get blown away by the 3rd band on the docket for the evening, a band called Elf.

That was my first Ronnie James Dio experience. At the time Ronnie was known as Ronnie Padovana (his real name) and he played bass and sang for Elf. We came to see Heep, especially David Byron (one of the Great voices of rock that left us way to soon) and left completely mesmerized by an unknown dude named Ronnie.

                  That was the beginning. Since that day I’ve seen Ronnie James Dio many times, in many bands, and each time was like the first……..I was mesmerized!

What is it about this man, his voice and his lyrics that have mesmerized so many for so long. We welcome all of you with a Dio addiction to help us all understand the Magic.

To be continued…..


Dedicated to the Late, Great Ronnie James Dio

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We are in the process of starting this Blog site dedicated to the memory of the greatest heavy metal singer of our time, Mr. Ronnie James Dio.

Check back soon!